Our Team

4 siblings

Our Team

4 siblings


LifeCulture's creative and talented artist. All of Alyssa's designs are hand-drawn with extreme detail! She has probably 10,002 different colored Sharpies at her cluttered art desk. She is a hopeless perfectionist and is known to spend days on a drawing until it is absolutely flawless. She enjoys going on adventures, preferably ones that involve unexpectedly trudging through muddy creeks.


LifeCulture's marketer, networker, and social media wizard. Although Sophia is the youngest sibling, she is essential in making sure the team is getting along.... She pretty much keeps things from completely falling apart. She's never very far from her guitar, Henry. She enjoys writing, playing, and singing her own music. She also has a pet hedgehog named Po (short for Potato).


Involved in a bit of everything, Aidan works with the LifeCulture website, Search Engine Optimization, and creating a design layout. He is the Charity Partner liaison and a major strategist for the Presale Launch. He enjoys longboarding, playing street hockey, and pretty much anything that is likely to result in personal injury.


LifeCulture's Business and Supply Chain Organizer. Ian makes sure the shirts get printed and sent to you! He's also the oldest, so he can get pretty bossy at times - until he's put in check by his little sisters. He's really interested in startups and entrepreneurship. He enjoys working out. But never running. He hates running.

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