I’m sitting on my front porch with a pen and notepad, determined to write my very first blog post. 24 hours until we launch LifeCulture Apparel, and if I’m being honest, I feel a mixture of both excitement and nervousness. Tomorrow, we are going to be releasing our long awaited launch video. We’ll be posting to social media, both official pages and also personal pages. We will be completely public.

This launch has been long anticipated – 8 months in the making actually! The four of us sat down to our first meeting on the afternoon of New Years Day, this year. I’ll never forget, we all ordered spaghetti and, of course, free breadsticks (the perfect way to kick off any meeting). I remember I had printed out a few pages of notes and was probably in enthusiastic Geek Mode, describing this idea to the sibs.

Alyssa is the designer of all of LifeCulture’s artwork. And to be honest, I think she was at first skeptical. After all, everyone likes to come up with cool ideas but they often remain just that, ideas. By the end of that lunch, I could see a little spark in her eye that told me she might just be as excited as I was.

At the time, I was working full-time as a civil engineer but spent every free minute figuring out how to build a business, brand, website, etc. We didn’t know the first thing about any of that – just like it’s probably obvious I don’t know the first thing about blogging (Hah!). Needless to say, there were a lot of hours poured into figuring this out. The whole while, Alyssa worked long nights, perfecting her hand-drawn Pro Life & Pro Adoption designs

We hit a peak of excitement in April & May, when we teamed up with Coronation Media™ to plan and film our launch video. I will say that was exhilarating and VERY stressful! We organized over 40 volunteers to arrive and be a part of LifeCulture’s recorded introduction to the world.

Shortly after that, I quit my full-time job to give LifeCulture my complete attention. This was definitely a huge leap for me. But I’m actually a lot more passionate about entrepreneurship and startups than I am about engineering. LifeCulture is especially important to me because it has the potential to help save lives.

Months later, after successes and setbacks, here we are, about to launch and I’ve got butterflies. I usually wouldn’t admit that. Being the oldest of the four of us, I feel like it’s my job to be the strong and confident one. But if there’s one thing I understand about blog posts (probably the only thing I understand), it’s that authenticity is a good thing… And you can probably tell that I’m writing with an extremely informal authenticity haha.

I believe that we have some of the most beautiful designs with some of the most hard-hitting messages. I believe that our Pro Life apparel can help young, passionate people get the message out; to stand up to the anti-life narrative. Most importantly, I believe in this movement.

I believe that Human Rights are for all humans. Regardless of their size. Regardless of their dependency. Regardless of their convenience.

I believe that a consistent life ethic is for all religions, all political views, all ages, and all backgrounds.

LifeCulture is our small way of contributing to this resistance.

I know that I have the most awesome team. Thank you Alyssa, Sophia, Aidan for all the work you guys have put in. Thank you to everyone who has supported us… Now let’s see if this venture floats or sinks! One more day.


Ian Cunningham

Co-Founder | LifeCulture Apparel



  • Rose Folsom

    Inspired by your generous and counter-cultural mission. So true that Love doesn’t have to be complicated — because it is shared in the present moment!
    Rose Folsom

  • Doreen

    God bless you and your new endeavor.
    Standing for life is at all stages is essential to the survival of the human race on so many levels.
    I will pray that the Lord blesses you as you champion for the most vulnerable among us.

  • Donna Bruza

    Such a breath of fresh air in this angry world. This is the kind of action shows Integrity & Love. True empowerment <3

  • Anne Margaret Wright

    What a blessing! My husband and I have five beautiful children, three who joined our family through adoption and have Down syndrome. We thank God every day that their birth parents gave them life and loved them enough to give them a forever family through adoption. The world often does not see the value in their sometimes complicated lives, but God shines through their smiles and hugs as only He can do. Bless each of you for giving voice to the beauty and value of each human life!

  • Annie

    Hooray! What a beautiful and worthy endeavor. Wishing you every success. God bless you all. A.

  • Becs

    I hope you reach your goal!

  • BigRed

    Thanks for the beautiful designs and heartfelt messages that will provide a voice for the voiceless . . . all those little gifts from God!

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